Bye Bye Biola

I am actually here at Biola. Just came from my auntie’s place yesterday. I guess the idea of being one year older and a second year in college was less real than eating the SUPREME FRIES from Mocasalsa I bought for two freshmen girls and myself. But either way, it’s good to be back. Ready … More Bye Bye Biola

CENT Recap

I joined CENT right in the middle of the year and in my second semester. I kept reminiscing and thinking back to last year. I kept telling myself that it felt like THE best year of my life just ended. God showed me otherwise. After the end of Team I felt prepared, ready and eager … More CENT Recap

Turkey Recap 2011

God is more than I can say. This trip was more than I can say. But I know His words are alive and are in me. A couple of words that spoke to me throughout our stay in Turkey: “It’s not ability, but availability,” (Phil. 3:7-11) and “It’s not independence, but dependence.” (Col. 1:29) For … More Turkey Recap 2011

Easier Said by the Words of Your Mouth than Done by the Works of your Hand

Weekly Journal #10 Big number 10. My first double-digit post. Wow. It really has been an amazing journey so far… Although not as quite s literal and immediately recognizable as Adrian Bennett’s Randonneur Project (and not trying to compare at all), I believe that I have come a long way since I started my voice … More Easier Said by the Words of Your Mouth than Done by the Works of your Hand

This is Good

Weekly Journal #6 This week was good. I chose which college that I would attend in the fall. I chose Biola out of a series of curious events throughout the school year. At first, I thought that I didn’t need to apply to Biola seeing that I already have been accepted to five other private … More This is Good