Easier Said by the Words of Your Mouth than Done by the Works of your Hand

Weekly Journal #10

Big number 10. My first double-digit post. Wow. It really has been an amazing journey so far… Although not as quite s literal and immediately recognizable as Adrian Bennett’s Randonneur Project (and not trying to compare at all), I believe that I have come a long way since I started my voice lessons with my teacher, In Hee Lee. Hahaha. Well, actually I am glad and proud of Adrian. He’s really my brother that keeps me motivated when I don’t want to stay motivated and really he’s my friendly competitor, academically. Because he just keeps me organized keeps me in check for academic performances. Adrian is also a super human that bikes like a machine. He’s like doing 600K bike rides which are like more than 3 hours. Anything more than 3 hours is like an unimaginable distance in my head because I simply can’t remember anything after running 3 hours, which is the longest I have ever run in my entire life. And you get tired, lose focus and when you have no one to talk to after 3 hours of running you really lose your mind. It’s like you go crazy from all the thoughts that get piled up in your brain and I find it hard to stay motivated to run for that long by yourself. Good thing, Adrian is smart and has a group to keep him going strong in his project. 🙂 (sometimes I think I write too much… I need to cut down on talking and writing everything that comes to mind…heehee…well I guess sometimes it can’t be helped)

There is so much to say at the end of the year, especially my senior year. I don’t think any Senior in the Tamalpais School District can say that they took four classes at Tamiscal, one of which was in Richmond for th Fall and San Pablo in the Spring, three classes at Tamalpais, with 6 or more hours devoted to church on the weekends (Fridays and Sundays), which were at Sonoma County (Cotati to be exact) and another 6 or more hours at CENT on Saturdays which is in San Jose area and passed with a C grade or higher and the satisfaction of all the extracurricular work done on the side. Now I think that’s little bit what it’s going to be like in college, working and studying my butt off to pay for my higher education.

Not only that but all the experience, insights and wonderful memories I have had under my belt. I get a feeling that I have everything I need under my belt. Just like a young buck ready to take on the world; boy meets world. But the boy is ready. I wouldn’t go as far as to say physically ready (I have been so out of shape; haven’t run for more than 5 months). But spiritually and mentally ready. My mind is psyched up for college and all the opportunities and new people I am going to meet in L.A. my hometown.

But I mean, I feel like now that I have typed this blog/journal up, it feels so insignificant for some reason. All of the things that I have done this year seem to add up to nothing. Yes, I have sacrificed my “outside” life and refrained from hanging out with friends, playing games, procrastinating, etc. for the sake of maintaining a passing grade or higher in all of my classes to end high school on a good note and to fulfill all of my duties and responsibilities as a worship leader of SKBC, member of CENT and as a son of the Chong family. All of my sacrifices, all of the hard work I have put into education and all of the things that go on my resume, my application to display for college applications…are nothing. They are just words on this screen or sheet of paper. It seems to lose all of its significance when put into words.

Maybe that’s also why they say “actions speak louder than words.” I guess you can never fully understand something that only a few people have experienced themselves. You have to be there. These are all pretty interesting things that I have been thinking about a lot. As I have said before there are many things to say, a vast many things that have passed through this little human brain.

But back to the lesson: it was mostly focused and geared and catered to my musical performance of Intorno alli’ dol mio for one of the few musician’s scholarship in Tam. And I think that I have a good chance of winning one of the scholarships so that I can, by my own work, can pay my teacher and hopefully by the start of next fall semester put it to good use for one of my musical classes I may be potentially taking at Biola. It’s tough thinking about the future because you have to grow up and growing up means you have be responsible and you gotta have a sharp mind and have to have what it takes to be a man. I’m currently in the business and process of gaining my manhood…hopefully.

Yes, I know very interesting things going through this mind.


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