Let’s get Festive!

Weekly Journal #8

There was no lesson this week.


Not that it wasn’t planned…No, it was planned, at first, that my family would arrive at 6:30 at Pastor Jun Lee’s house to eat dinner and then to have my lesson with In-hee Sa mo nim. But unexpectedly, my dad became sick. I felt bad because at first I didn’t even check up on him when I came home from school because he laid asleep in his bedroom but it turns out that he was just tired and was “mohm sal” from overexerting himself throughout the entire week. So we left Pa home after feeding him some “jook” and tucked him in and placed a wet towel over his burning forehead and headed to Pastor Jun’s house.

And then we were stuck in traffic. It was 7:15 when came to the front of Pastor Jun’s house. No biggie, just about an hour and 15 minutes late.

We were late (sorry Jun and Samonim) but the food was bomb. So where do i even begin? I was so happy just by looking at the food that was prepared in front of us. It was more than eye candy, it was causing my stomach to expand and stretch as I imagined eating each dish one by one. And of course, the food was amazing. I felt like I was the only one who kept eating after everyone else had stopped. I could laugh at myself now, looking back, but I know that I wasn’t full yet. I was just eating at a slower pace compared to everyone else. That’s all really. I mean after losing 20 pounds (within 2-3 months) and maintaining that weight for over almost a month, it’s so hard to eat as much as I used to and as fast as I used to eat. I mean I didn’t do anything THAT different from my weekly routine and diet. I just ate healthier, more expensive, organic food and didn’t eat any sugar or red meat (land meat; cows, pigs and dogs not OK but fish and seafood OK) and stayed on a low cholesterol diet (meaning I never ate any take outs, pizza, burgers, fast food, eggs, cow milk, etc.) and drank a lot of water everyday and exercise every night before I slept. Just by showing a little bit more self-restraint successively everyday and willing to go the extra mile pushing myself during workouts and while balling, I was able to PROVE MY PHYSICIAN WRONG. That I CONTROL my “pre-” diabetes and not the other way around.


Yes, my family doctor was giving me a lot of talk and lectures about how I need to watch my weight, “and considering that I have a really ‘severe’ cases of diabetes from both sides of the family” I have to watch my diet and exercise. But really my doctor doesn’t a thing or two about a thing or two. She don’t even know who I am. I am a baller.

And now back on track to the real story. The reason why I started talking about diet and exercise and everything else is that Pastor Jun is trying to lose some weight too. Actually, he recently bet someone that he can lose at least 20lbs within a year by January. So anyways, we had a great time at his house, eating, chatting and playing with their one year old baby, Da eun. And I was just thinking about how my life has been shaped by how much I’ve been influenced by Pastor Jun and all of his handiwork in and out of church, always planting seeds in my life. As I was writing the card at the very last-minute (after I excused myself in the bathroom in order to secure a place to hide my procrastination),I truly prayed from the bottom of my heart that God will continue to bless him and his household and everything that he does because he has been such a solid influence in my life. He hasn’t been one of those mentors who has “changed my life forever” but was more like my role model, an adult figure that I will always aspire to be when I grow up, when I become a man. (I am not 18 yet so I guess technically I’m still a minor) And this year alone, I have learned more about him and his talents and how he has used to glorify God by both faith and deeds. He is truly an honest man of character, hope and love that has clearly used over the course of his life and in many other lives.

And that’s not even half of it. I have been more than twofold blessed by God because of the opportunity he opened up for me to progress in my vocals and to reach even greater heights to my learning and another physical aspect to learning. He alone has orchestrated this 360 degrees of learning both in and out of school, the mind and the body and the heart and the soul; not leaving a tiny gap for me to rest. But that is in a way my test. After Team I realized that things that happen, both good and bad, are to test my motives, my heart and soul. At the same time, God is not some distant judgmental deity frowning down on us from his heavenly cloud, but are allowing me to go through hardships in order to prepare for the next level of intimacy with Him, to refine my character, my resolve, stir within my heart a passion and to show how He loved, hoped and had faith in me as I stuck the middle finger towards the heaven and cursed at Him and hurled insults at His face, while I was still a sinner.

I mean I have so much more to say. I have to talk about Tamalpais’ Prom, CENT, SKBC, Biola University, dealing with habitual sins, singing, dancing, skits, miming, playing guitar, loving, living, laughing, eating, driving, studying, sleeping and above all reading the Word of Life.

My Goal is to finish the entire Bible by the end of this year, from cover to cover, every single word read within 365 days. On top of QTs (Sena and CENT’s).

With so much on my plate, I am just so happy that I have AP Calculus out of the way so I can focus on the other 4 finals I have: English (20th Century Literature; which is actually pretty fun), Economics, Physiology and Senior Project (June 3rd). And then after that is Graduation (performing 2 songs) and practice and UNISON and then Turkey in the summer.

Life is good. God is good. Love is good. God is love and breathes life into my soul. 🙂 Amen.


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