Bye Bye Biola

I am actually here at Biola. Just came from my auntie’s place yesterday. I guess the idea of being one year older and a second year in college was less real than eating the SUPREME FRIES from Mocasalsa I bought for two freshmen girls and myself. But either way, it’s good to be back. Ready to get fat.

On a deeper and graver note,  today I drove Kenny and myself to UMC of LM (United Methodist Church of La Mirada). It was great. The small body of the Korean church God grew and Jesus is the head of really impacted me. Pastor Dan really encouraged me by allowing me to come and simply find spiritual food and fellowship and community here. Since I have started serving at Samsung Presbyterian Church, I haven’t been able to find a mentor that I have been praying for and a community where I can find rest in God and accountability. I look forward to what God has in store for this smaller body (part) of Christ as I try to go whenever I have time.

God loves you. In response, help me to love the LORD God Almighty who loves me so dearly and faithfully. Give me faith to trust you and let go of this world, my flesh, and the way I think things are supposed to go. You are God. I trust that you know what you are doing as you have shown on the cross. I love you so much Jesus. Thank you for this day. Let your kingdom come into this broken heart.


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