Let’s get down to business!


Hi! My name is David Chong and I’m born and raised in the Golden State. This is my first time posting on a blog.  I am still trying to figure out how to manage my profile and account settings on the word press website so please bear with the format of the blog and its aesthetics as I continue to update my blogs and profile.

My blogs will come from a series of weekly journals based on my vocal lessons in Richmond and my experiences as a youth worship leader. This is the homework section of my blogs that are required in order for me to pass my Senior Project Class. This is my first and last year as a student of the humble independent-study high school Tamiscal. Aside from my weekly journals from lessons and reports for school, I will try to find the time to squeeze in some blogs about Bible commentaries and my internship experience with a pastor located in Richmond, my youth ministry and my life in general. I look forward to an adventurous blogging experience so that I can look back ten years from now and laugh and relive these memories.


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