CENT Recap

I joined CENT right in the middle of the year and in my second semester. I kept reminiscing and thinking back to last year. I kept telling myself that it felt like THE best year of my life just ended. God showed me otherwise. After the end of Team I felt prepared, ready and eager to go out to college and away from home. In a way I felt confident of myself. So I thought that now I just had to graduate and go off to college. Then my sister joined CENT earlier that year and I never thought much of it. She’d always come home and say that CENT is good. “I’m so glad I joined CENT,” she’d say. That’s all I ever heard about, that’s all I thought about. I much more longed to relive the good old days of Team, a close knit of teens bound by a purpose.

Until that day came when I had to see Connie and CENT perform at Christmas in the Park, I never saw or was interested in CENT. Funny thing is that my broken and glued back together glasses broke again right after I finished playing guitar so I didn’t really get to see the performance properly. But what struck me was what I saw before the performance, in that tent used for a “backstage.” It seemed to me like CENT was a lot like Team, a family beyond blood. The only difference was that CENT was Christ centered and Team wasn’t. It was amazing really that God had shown me what I longed for—a group similar Team but a group with a greater purpose. At the time I was jealous Connie had that “family bond” I longed for. but never really admitted to anyone. I kept resisting the heart that God gave me for that kind of group.

But now that I am here with you, and going through all the Fridays and Saturdays and just life together, I can’t believe that another blessed year has gone by so quickly. I truly believe that God has prepared me for college. I have been so blessed and so showered with His grace. I can’t say how thankful I am to each and every one of His members of CENT and of heaven—I have learned so much from each of you. I believe that every one of you are an embodiment of God’s love, heart and faithfulness to me. I wish CENT continues to be what it is now, a family.


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