Smooth Easy

Weekly Journal #3 I have a confession to make. I didn’t practice for my vocals lesson. I actually forgot to practice my songs the entire week. I do understand that something like singing requires practice and constant discipline, much like a sport, but this week was simply not a week to sing about. So many … More Smooth Easy

Richmond Muze

      Weekly Journal #2 – March 7th, 2011 This week’s lesson was fun. I learned how I can practice without the teacher‘s help. When I’m at home, on my own, it’s harder to tell if I’m singing properly or not. Whether I am keeping my posture erect, my jaws and mouth are open and … More Richmond Muze

Weekly Journal #1

Although this is my first entry, I already started my voice lessons three months before and many weeks worth of reports for my senior project will be posted weekly. Last semester’s senior project was an internship with a pastor in Richmond and, as I continue this internship in the spring semester, I have started a new … More Weekly Journal #1