How can I Make a Man out of You?

Weekly Journal #11

Question: So how do you really make a man out of a fat, rebellious, short-tempered teenage snob who picks his nose and picks fights with his younger sister?

Answer: You put him in school on the weekdays and church on the weekends. No he needs Jesus. Yes, I need Jesus to be a man, a new man, with a new goal, a renewed heart.

I think it has worked out so far…

Well, let’s see, I’m about to graduate from high-school, even though I’ve been to two different schools, technically three if you include Team, I’m about to finish my four years of volunteer work as a worship leader of my Youth Group, I’m about to finish half a season with CENT, I’m college bound to Biola University, I have stayed pure and haven’t had a single girl to call my own in any of my high school years and lastly I’m about to go into a mating season this summer.

It’s been hard being single. After listening to a lot of Mark Driscoll’s sermons I’ve been convicted of lust and selfish desires and have concluded that I need to marry and marry early.

OK! Enough of that, you can hear more about that later…in my more mature blog. šŸ™‚

Honestly, it’s the end of the year and as the classes are winding down, preparing for finals, tests, projects and exams my lessons with Teacher In-Hee are also winding down and have been preparing for my music scholarship in Tam. So I pretty much think that I am going to perform with Intorno alli dol mio.


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