That Sun isn’t Setting…

Weekly Journal #5

This week was a little different. Instead of heading to my vocal lesson first, I started out at my internship in Richmond Baptist Church with Pastor Jun. We talked a lot about college and my options and which school I’d mostly likely decide to enroll and attend. We talked all about church, both my members and events and problems and issues and his. But mostly mine and a few of his and more of his advice from experience and Biblical teaching, theology. It was a good talk followed by a better Bible study on 1 Timothy chapter 3. He picked up his wife, my voice teacher, on the way to his house.

This week we started practicing the new song, Intorno all’idol mio. Before we began the song, my teacher had me warm a little different than usual. Instead of the normal chromatic scales and breathing warm-ups she had me warm up by singing “ba ba ba” lightly and followed by a long note, connecting the “ba ba ba”s. It was because I had a hard time staying my voice path and maintaining control of my air. I have a bad habit of “bursting” out of all of my air on the last note and followed by singing the next measure without any support from the stomach.

This new song that I just learned was a beautiful song meant to be sung slowly but with many crescendos and decrescendos. It was also in a different tempo, in three of four beats per measure. This song is the type of song that requires focus and deep breathing. By the end of it I was sweating and breathing hard. From singing! I really enjoyed today’s lesson. It was different than the other three songs and was once again a humbling experience.

I am starting to appreciate all that I have been taught so far in my life, even in the midst of my battle with senioritis. I’m starting to realize the truth in the learning. That you could never learn enough, you are to soak everything as much as you can, as fast as you can. It will only benefit you. Even when I’m surrounded by so many other seniors who have lost motivation and lost to senioritis, I find it necessary that I keep pushing and studying down to the last day of school because I don’t want to carry senioritis along with me to college. I want to carry the attitude and habit of studying, of learning to college. Along with all of my skills, knowledge, talent, I want to bring the best of me everywhere I go so I can keep growing, keep discovering new worlds and better understand the vast imagination, beauty and love of my Creator, my Father, the Lord, my God.

The sun isn’t setting, the Son is coming and I want to be ready and waiting for His return. My sun is burning and rising. As a Tamiscal Firebird student, a phoenix, a worship leader, a child of God, a lover and a basketball baller, I will rise out of ashes and fly with my small and feeble wings. But wings. And I pray that I may always fly under the shadow of His wings, the all encompassing wings of the Teacher, the One who loves me and taught me how to fly. If higher education is the process of learning how to take flight than high school is the process of sprinting. The end of high school only means the beginning of college and the end of undergraduate studies is the beginning of graduate, and the end of graduate studies is life. And there is no end to life, especially life in Him.

Also because I’m going to New York (Manhattan) I’ll be missing church the entire weekend. Both Friday and Sunday! It’ll be a big step forward because it’ll be the first time in long time that the youth group won’t have me leading worship. I know it’ll be hard on the youth, its leaders, teachers and Pastor Eugene but it’s for the better because God’s hand will be upon them. They will also have to grow their own wings in that way, musically, communication wise, leadership wise and the kids of the next generation stepping up wise. It’s really a beautiful process that God has blessed me enough to witness his plan working so perfectly for His glory and Kingdom.

The absence of my sister and I will also have an impact at CENT (Christian Evangelism Net Theater) this Saturday. Because the very next week on Friday, April 15th will be the 2nd outreach in Cupertino. We already a prayer walk last week and I looked around the school. It will definitely be a struggle trying to prepare for the next performance but also the next performance and outreach that might save up to around 300 souls that Friday night.


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