Smooth Easy

Weekly Journal #3

I have a confession to make. I didn’t practice for my vocals lesson. I actually forgot to practice my songs the entire week. I do understand that something like singing requires practice and constant discipline, much like a sport, but this week was simply not a week to sing about. So many things have happened that I just forgot to sing at all. I think that it was one of those odd occurrences during one of the busiest week of my life as a high school senior that I forgot to do what I love to do.

So I drove to San Pablo on the 580 highway fully expected to disappoint my teacher and embarrass myself in front of her and her family. I didn’t like the feeling of being unprepared and winging it. Well of course I had my sheet music so I could read the song off as I sang during the hour-long lesson, but the question was how long would I last?

As tense and nervous I was, I wasn’t too shabby. After breezing through the warm-ups, which usually on a normal lesson takes about fifteen minutes long, I sang the first two pages of the latest song we’ve been working on, Gia il sole dal Gange perfectly. Of course only the first two pages. After that I had some trouble pronouncing the Italian words, but other than that, I not only surprised myself but also my teacher.

From the look on her face she didn’t expect such a significant improvement within a week, and added an encouraging comment quickly followed by an excited command in Korean, “Wow. You practiced? Good job, Min Ju. Let’s keep rolling and have you sing it from start to finish.” And from start to finish I did sing.

Feeling quite good about myself, I couldn’t quite help but break into a big smile. I didn’t do anything, literally, but I was still able to both execute and please my teacher. It brought an unexpected joy that I did not deserve.

It was the same story with the other, older song, Vittoria, mio core. Again, I was ecstatic to find that I was able to do well despite my lack of practice.  Again, it was another one of those odd occurrences that brought color and thanksgiving into my life. It must have been sent from none other than God.

I don’t have much to write about this week’s lesson because it turned out so well. I guess that it’s good because there is less for me to remember, less for me to write, less for you to read, less for you to grade and therefore less time you have to spend on your computer and do more productive things than just sitting down and staring at the screen. Altogether, because my lesson was such a light burden, I felt that my week started out light. I’m starting to realize that everyday it seems that there is always something to be thankful for.


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